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agosto 5, 2022

“I know as a parent I’m supposed to be upset with him for resorting to violence or being suspended, but I’m not. Not even a little bit,” Allison Davis said on Facebook as she told Drew’s story, who has been on the receiving end of a classmate’s threats and taunts for years without getting help.

School shouldn’t be a place that means trouble for children, but one where they learn, grow and share. Yet issues like bullying end up making their lives miserable and become a daily nightmare, especially when they don’t get the help they need and parents try to do what is right for them.

This has been demonstrated by Allison Davis, a mother from Springfield (United States) who didn’t hesitate to support her son Drew after he hit the boy who bullied him for a long time, since the school never solved the problem.

Facebook: Allison Davis

Alison told Facebook that Drew has been bullied by this boy and his group of friends since high school. He threatened to hit him, following him in the hallways, taunting him, teasing him in class, texting him and mocking him on social media. For this reason, Allison talked to teachers and administration but without getting the help she needed.

“Not once has the school punished the boy who has threatened and harassed Drew over and over again,” she said in the post.

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Faced with this, Drew stopped talking to adults because he felt no one could help him. Allison pleaded for help in an email she sent to the school, and the only response she got was for both children to sign a no-contact agreement, which outraged the mother.

“And, like Drew, I gave up trying to get the school to do anything that would stop this kid from bullying him,” she detailed on Facebook, with Drew eventually coming up with the solution himself.

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 One day when he was on the bus, his bully came up as usual to taunt his father, threatening him and his 11-year-old brother. Faced with this, Drew got tired of not getting help and decided he would take matters into his own hands, so he punched him. After that, the boy never bothered him again.

“Three punches and his bully screamed like a baby. His henchman friends shut up and this morning the bully wouldn’t even look at him. Problem solved,” he posted on social media.

Facebook: Allison Davis

However, the school didn’t like Drew’s actions and suspended him for five days, which upset his mother, but she didn’t hesitate to support him.

“I know as a parent I’m supposed to be upset with him for resorting to violence or getting suspended, but I’m not. Not even a little bit. For years, the school has failed Drew. When this kid has constantly threatened to beat Drew up along with several of his friends, the school did nothing,” she commented on social media where she has received support for standing up for the one she loves and doing what seemed right in this case.