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diciembre 18, 2020

Users of the social network Reddit left negative comments about this mother’s attitude. They suggested that it would have been better if she’d held the baby in her arms.

To be a mother or father you have to be aware of the many responsibility that this entails. Those who don’t grasp the importance of these responsibilities end up being terrible parents because they don’t give their children the due care and attention they require.

That’s the case of this mother, according to Reddit users, who forgot about her maternal duties while sitting at a bar drinking with a friend. After taking her baby into the bar, which isn’t an appropriate place for children in the first place, she didn’t have a place or a person to leave the baby with so that she could continue chatting.

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So she decided that her best option was to leave her baby hanging from the back of her chair in order to be able to continue enjoying her conversation in the bar, without interruptions.

RaveenaiWilkes / Reddit

Another customer in the bar took a photo of the scene, which was later shared by a user on Reddit, and has sparked a fierce discussion about whether the measure this mother took to look after her baby is ok.

“Hanging her baby from the back of her chair” read the photo’s caption, which quickly went viral on the social network and the internet in general due to how sensitive the subject matter could seem to some people while inciting the outrage of others.

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The debate surrounding the pot has been so fierce that it has amassed more than 1000 comments of users who all seem to have the same response: The woman shouldn’t have treated her baby like this.

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Among those who commented were mothers who suggested that the best thing to do in these cases is to hold your baby in your arms, however annoying it might make drinking and chatting. Meanwhile other people joked  that the next thing the mother will do is just hang her baby from a door handle.