By Upsocl
septiembre 23, 2021

A family dinner ended up turning into a nightmare for Yasmin and Luanna, who today accuse a restaurant in Brazil of lesbophobia and sexism after doubting the maternity of their child. “They told us two women couldn’t be mothers of a child,” said one of them.

Despite the fact that discrimination at all levels is currently being punished and is something that is repudiated in society, there are still thousands of cases in which we see people being victims of this. Sexual preference is a particularly criticized topic.

This is what two mothers experienced in Brazil, when they had to go through an uncomfortable situation after a waiter in a restaurant questioned whether they were mothers to their baby and refused to serve them after this.


Yasmin Capdeville, 22, and Luanna Caroline Muniz, 21, are married and together with their 9-month-old son Oliver, they decided to go out to dinner like any family. Upon arrival, the waiter who would be serving them congratulated Yasmin, whom he already knew, on becoming a mother.


However, shortly after arriving, the couple got up from the table to change their son’s diaper, and as Yasmin held him in her arms, the waiter approached and asked them how they were related to the baby. Luanna explained to him that she was also Oliver’s mother, and that’s when the awkward situation unfolded: the employee doubted their motherhood.  

According to her own testimony, the waiter said there was no way two women could be mothers of the same child. He even asked whose DNA it was, which offended them even more.

However, the situation didn’t end there because, after that moment, the waiter refused to continue serving them and assigned another waitress to their table. The women were outraged and asked to speak to the manager, who, after waiting for 20 minutes, never showed up.

Yasmin and Luanna left the place, feeling offended and uncomfortable, but before leaving, the manager appeared, who refused to apologize for the incident.

The mothers claimed it was an instance of lesbophobia and sexism, both on behalf of the employee, who insisted on embarrassing them by saying that Oliver didn’t have both of their DNAs, as well as the restaurant for its lack of response to a situation.

Meanwhile, the restaurant gave answers upon being faced with uproar in social media, claiming that it is taking the “appropriate measures within the legality of the facts”. The mothers said that this wouldn’t erase the humiliation they went through and that they were “taking appropriate action” against the company.

This is an unfortunate situation that is repeated more than we all think.