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agosto 25, 2021

Despite justifying that her daughter “has no idea what happened,” users on social media branded this mother irresponsible for piercing her baby’s ears at six months old: “Making them go through that pain is terrible,” one user noted.

What seemed like a mother-and-daughter moment they’d have for the rest of their lives has become the center of controversy on social media. A mother decided to take her daughter to have her ears pierced and it sparked outrage among users.

Marisa Carpineta decided to share through a video the moment in which her six-month-old baby’s ears were pierced by an expert in this field. However, instead of generating congratulations, the clip caused a debate regarding parenting.

TikTok @marisacarpineta

In the video subtitled “piercing her ears at a tattoo/piercing shop“, Marisa invites other parents to get their children’s ears at a tattoo parlor, since they prefer to use needles instead of piercing guns in those places.

In the video, the baby is shown crying and squirming in the tattoo chair while Marisa tries to calm her down. Finally, and after a tense moment, the little one manages to get her earrings in and her mother celebrates the moment.

TikTok @marisacarpineta

Marisa, who said her daughter was a “happy baby” while showing off the little girl’s earrings, caused backlash among those who said six months was too young to pierce a child’s ears.

“This made my skin crawl – don’t inflict unnecessary pain on a baby!!!” one user wrote on TikTok. In response, Marisa said, “She’s not your daughter, mind your own business.” However, the comments kept coming: “This should be illegal. It should be the baby’s choice when they can make one. Putting them through that pain is terrible.”

Faced with the wave of criticism, one mother wrote in defense: “You act like you remember getting your ears pierced when you were a baby.” So, the next day, in response to that comment, Marisa recorded another video saying that her baby “literally had no idea what happened.”

TikTok @marisacarpineta

Would you pierce your baby’s ears or wait until it’s their choice? We read your comments!