By Upsocl
abril 29, 2021

The process consists of removing balls of fat located in the cheeks and is one that Jessica Frozza is now trying to reverse. This is why she used her platform to inform everyone about this type of surgery.

Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more fashionable, and many people are willing to undergo them in order to meet a beauty standard. The point is that, as with any medical procedure, they can have repercussions and, on top of that, the final result is not one you can completely control.

Once they enter the operating room, people must be sure that the doctor will do the best job possible, however, that does not guarantee that everything will go perfectly.

TikTok / perolasdafrozza

If you don’t believe us, you just have to meet Brazilian influencer Jessica Frozza, who without having any more knowledge about the operation than the fact that it would “slim her face”, decided to have a bichectomy. She thought the procedure would make her look better, but it ended up causing her nothing but unconformity with her appearance.

“In the first year, you find mass. Except, after that, I swear to God, my face has become much more flacid. My face has sagged, I don’t recognize my face. Today I have to continuously undergo a procedure to stimulate collagen in the Bichat balls. I look like a skull. Why didn’t anyone warn me?”

–Jessica Frozza via TikTok–

She, who always enjoyed a cute but round face, feels nothing but regret nowadays. However, she admits that she didn’t research the operation. Now that she had this negative effect, she decided to accept herself as she is and has removed the silicone implants she previously received to regain her natural look.


TikTok / perolasdafrozza

The influencer responsibly admits that the doctors’ work was good. It was just something that did not suit her face, and she would have liked to have been warned of that.

*Video in Portuguese

The video and her TikTok account, @perolasdafrozza, were completely deleted. Perhaps she was too annoyed to deal with all the comments or opinions. In the video’s before-and-after comparison, it is clear that it was not a good decision. That’s why she can be applauded for deciding to take advantage of her situation to help others.

TikTok / perolasdafrozza

It is time to understand that beauty should not be created through established patterns and that surgical interventions are not always the best way to get there.

Every time a person enters an operating room, they risk their life. There are many factors that can influence the outcome and make everything go wrong, and we’re not just talking about aesthetics but about one’s health as well.

TikTok / perolasdafrozza

In this case, only her cheeks and the shape of her face were affected, but it could have been more serious.