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agosto 13, 2021

Doctor Han Jo Kim has decided to annul his marriage to 2011 Miss Connecticut, Regina Turner, accusing her of having a secret life, where she allegedly works as a “high-level prostitute”, earning more than $700,000 a month.

Prepare yourself, because the story between Dr. Han Jo Kim and Miss Connecticut 2011, Regina Turner, is pretty crazy. The New York Daily News has released court records on the annulment of the failed marriage, with claims of the highest caliber.

The prominent Manhattan professional decided to end their marriage after allegedly discovering the beauty queen’s double life.

The doctor accuses her of being a “sex worker” and pocketing nearly $700,000 a month.

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The news has shaken those close to the couple as well as the international press due to the doctor’s strong accusations.

They had married in mid-2015 and, according to the doctor, she had worked as a “prostitute” before and after the marriage.

At the same time, the documents claim that Turner allegedly earned almost $700,000 in cash from her clients every month.

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The breaking point in the relationship, which opened Kim’s eyes, was allegedly a text message on iMessage, where they wrote directly to the former Miss USA.

 All this happened in December 2020.

Local media have revealed their own theories, saying that the model’s clients include real estate executives and an award-winning lighting designer, as revealed by the aforementioned newspaper.


As if that weren’t enough, the court documents include financial records of transactions between the clients and Turner. The surgeon claimed in court that he had been the victim of fraud, due to various lies by his (now) ex-wife.

The movements speak to figures of some $675,030 through deposits between 2015 and 2021.

This amount is divided between checks issued and deposited in Miss Connecticut’s account in addition to money transfers for over six years from the lighting designer’s company.

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The importance of these records lies in the statements made by the defendant herself, who in January of this year claimed that she received no income.

The news is in full swing, and we are awaiting any new developments given the serious accusations against Regina Turner.

For the moment, her defense has not commented.