By Upsocl
noviembre 23, 2020

In the video filmed on the streets of Mexico, the girl begs her ex to get back together with her right in front of the man’s current partner, who tells her to stop.

Co-dependency can become quite a serious problem. While we’ve tended to normalize it as a natural reaction to falling in love, the truth is that when an individual has been repressing a large part of their feelings throughout the development of a relationship, this represents a psychological pathology.

Recently a video has gone viral that shows a woman harassing her ex-partner in the middle of the street, as she wants them to get back together. The images have sparked a debate on social media and there have been many different reactions to the incident.


Some find it funny  others find it worrying, but what’s clear is that it’s never healthy for someone to go to the extreme of begging their ex to get back together with them, especially in front of that person’s current partner.

The video, filmed in Mexico, shows how a woman begs her ex-boyfriend to get back together with her while he insists that he doesn’t love her and it’s all happening right in front of his current partner. The girl can be seen desperately pleading for her boyfriend to come with her but the answer she receives is constant: “No, no I don’t want to get back together”.

The comments that have been left on the video show that many people found the situation somewhat funny and unimportant while others looked at it in a different way, and questioned how society has got to the stage of finding what happened in the video normal.


As can be seen in the video, most of the people in the street simply ignore the incident and walk past while others start to film which doesn’t seem to bother the girl in the slightest.

Some of the passers-by can be heard saying things like “love yourself, queen” and “ let him go”. The video has already garnered more than 440 thousand views on Twitter which has shed light on a worrying reality that while sometimes a reaction like this can be a form of expression, it can turn into a more severe case of harassment.