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marzo 17, 2020

She went from being alone to having a room full of gifts for her baby. The event ended up being a success.

When organizing a party, we always expect everyone we invited to attend. Let’s admit it, we all suffer from that anxiety prior to any event: the fear that nobody would show up would consume us.

Lizeth, Arianna Zapata’s aunt, was going through that dreaded situation. The woman organized a cute baby shower to celebrate the future arrival of her son at her home in Tampico, Mexico. They invited many people, but unfortunately, no one arrived.

Facebook Lizeth Arianna Zapata

Faced with the sad situation, Lizeth decided to share photographs of the event – which didn’t have a great attendance – on her Facebook account to invite anyone who wanted to come. She published her address and wrote: «in case anyone is in the mood to play a game».

Facebook Lizeth Arianna Zapata

Although it sounds like a crazy idea, it ended up working. Soon, she’d reached over a thousand reactions and several came to the party. Her request had been a success. How clever!

 In fact, the turnout was so good that Lizeth decided to make a live broadcast of the show of a couple of clowns who had arrived thanks to her Facebook invitation. Her loneliness had become an incredible celebration.

Facebook Lizeth Arianna Zapata

The young woman shared photos of all the gifts she received at the baby shower. There was a table and room full of presents, including several baby items, such as bottles, diapers, wet wipes, in addition to clothes, strollers, baby seats, among other things that would be useful when the child was born.

The best part was the happiness on Lizeth’s aunt’s face. What could’ve been a sad experience, ended up being a very fun afternoon.

Facebook Lizeth Arianna Zapata

Good for you, Lizeth!