By Upsocl
enero 15, 2021

Eric Vanderlee was vaccinating medical staff against COVID-19 when suddenly it was his boyfriend Robby’s turn. After receiving his shot, Robby had a surprise for Eric tucked under his arm. They went through a difficult year together, helping others.

2020, a year marked by a global pandemic, has undoubtedly taught us a lot. One of the year’s most salient lessons has been to value who we have at our sides, as the people closest to us have become our biggest support through it all. It’s a lesson that this couple of healthcare workers have undoubtedly taken to heart as they’ve been through a very tough year.

Stanford Health

Eric Vanderlee, a nurse, works at Canton Hospital in South Dakota, USA, and he’s given his all throughout the pandemic, working on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. Now that a vaccine has arrived, he’s been responsible for administering the shot to hundreds of his coworkers, one of them being his boyfriend Robby.

That day Robby, who works as a paramedic, sat down to receive the vaccine and he had a surprise up his sleeve. An engagement ring and a beautiful proposal.

Stanford Health

“It’s been a kind of a crazy year and a fun ride to have you in my life” said Robby while Eric, who still didn’t understand what was going on, was giving him the vaccine. “So I just want to know…” said the paramedic who then took out the ring.

Further words weren’t necessary to make his meaning clear. The nurse was shocked by the surprise and by his coworkers’ screams of happiness who were filming the scene as it happened. “Is this really happening?” said one of his colleagues who didn’t know about the plan.

Vanderlee took the ring and accepted his boyfriend’s proposal, he put his head in hands, unable to believe what was happening and ended up giving Robby an emotional hug.

The video was shared by staff at Sanford Health and it has more than 8000 reactions on Facebook together with hundreds of comments from users wishing the couple a full and happy life together!