By Upsocl
diciembre 24, 2020

Jaime Espinoza was banned from attending his own graduation ceremony because his hair was too long. He was told that his only option was to cut it off there and then. Given the situation, his school coldly handed him his diploma in the entrance way and then asked him to leave.

While 2020 may have been a year to forget, you’d hope that it at least brought out some good in us, but there are those who don’t seem to have learned anything about empathy in the past year. The knowledge of how difficult the last few months have been for many of us doesn’t seem to matter to some people in authority, as is shown by what happened to a student who was banned from attending his own graduation ceremony because he had long hair.


A young man called Jaime Espinoza and his father reported suffering an act of discrimination after arriving at the Salesianos de La Serena School located in La Serena, Chile. The student was invited to attend the ceremony but when he arrived he was refused entry because his hair was too long.

The incident was reported in a video where the father recorded his son and explained what was going on in front of an indifferent school board, who were also there at that moment.

The student spoke to Chilean news outlet Meganoticias about what had happened, confirming that he was given no reason for being refused entry other than his hair being too long, leaving him confused.

It was something I didn’t expect. I looked well dressed and I was angry because I didn’t understand why they didn’t let me in if it wasn’t even something bad, I mean it was only the students who were going to attend the ceremony, the parents weren’t going to be there.“.

–Jaime Espinoza told Meganoticias

Unbelievably, the only option he was given was to “cut his hair there and then”, otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to enter the institution. And while he was being coldly inspected the school coldly handed him his diploma and asked him to leave. His family were extremely hurt by this and despite the recommendations they’ve been given about taking the case to court, they want to think more about it.


According to the family the damage is already done and they would be satisfied if the school were to apologize and admit their mistake. The school board has not mentioned the incident, keeping completely quiet on the subject.