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noviembre 13, 2020

Maria Eduarda (7) lost her hair after undergoing treatment for leukemia and leaving her lacking in confidence about her appearance, so much so that she refused to leave the house. But her mom, Alessandra, who’d already gone into debt to look after her, didn’t hesitate in sacrificing her own hair to bring back her daughter’s smile.

Let’s go to brazil where a moving story went viral on social media and was picked up by local media

Maria Eduarda is a 7-year-old girl who’s bravely battling leukemia. As often happens in these situations, the little girl lost her hair due to chemotherapy and she was so saddened by it she no longer wanted to go outside.

Which is why she approached her mom Alessandra and begged her to buy her a wig so she could feel good about her appearance again. Moved, Alessandra didn’t hesitate: she cut her own hair and asked one of her friends to make it into a wig for Maria Eduarda.

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“She feels so embarrassed. When we go to the market people stare at her and that makes her feel bad. When I got the opportunity to cut my hair and turn it into a wig for her I didn’t think twice. I’d do anything for my daughter.”

Alessandra, Maria Eduarda’s mother, told Lance Noticias

Speaking of Alessandra, we think she’s a super mom. As soon as she found out about her daughter’s illness she quit her job and dedicated herself 100% to taking care of her. This has left her in a lot of debt and even struggling to pay her rent.

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 What’s more, María has to be tube-fed, consuming one can of special milk a day which costs around 10 dollars. For this reason the family depends on the ever needed donations of friends and the public to survive.

The family is going through a tough time but at least now Maria Eduarda can feel confident enough with her new wig to go for a walk around the block. And it’s all thanks to her amazing mother’s generosity.