By Upsocl
diciembre 11, 2020

The 13-year-old doesn’t look away from the screen during his 48-hour play session. He also doesn’t eat or urinate and even misses school to play on his computer. His mother is desperate.

We all know that addictions are a worrying and life-threatening thing. Some are especially socially punished, like drugs, but there are others that are considered “normal”. However, we don’t realize how much damage they cause… like video games.

And a recent video shows the limits an addiction can reach. The images show 37-year-old Lilybeth Marvel feeding her 13-year-old son, Carlito Garcia, while he’s hypnotized by his video game. The boy refused to take his eyes off the screen to eat or do anything else during his 48-hour marathon in an Internet café.


The mother approaches Carlito and tries to persuade him to eat with a plate in his hands, but the boy becomes agitated and doesn’t look at her nor take his hands off the keyboard. Lilybeth just says, “My poor boy, eat now.” He replies, “Later.”

Lilybeth is concerned because her son hasn’t taken a break to urinate and because he’s so thin. With his eyes fixed on the screen, the teenager finally eats some of what his mother gives him.


Watch the video:


According to the Daily Mail website, Carlito has missed school and sits “like a zombie” playing in front of the computer. In fact, concerned parents pulled their child out of school to deal with his addiction.

After asking for help on the Internet and getting some criticism for her actions, Lilybeth said she was trying a “different approach” to help her son after banning him from playing didn’t work and he managed to sneak into the cybercafé anyway. “I try to make him feel that no matter what happens in his life, I’m his mother who loves him and cares for him,” she said.