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noviembre 24, 2021

The girl’s hero was driving behind the car where she was kidnapped and recognized the signals she was making to call for help. These serve to communicate that you’re in a situation of gender-based violence.

Gender violence is something that has always existed. Yet, today, acts of sorority and helping out upon witnessing cases of this type are increasingly essential. Over time, there are more calls to not be complicit with one’s silence if you witness abuse against a woman, and social networks have collaborated by doing their part as well.

On TikTok, a simple gesture has become popular to communicate an urgent message. This consists of two simple steps: first, you have to extend your hand with your thumb bent, and second, you have to form a fist, with your thumb in the palm of your hand, covered by your 4 other fingers.

As shown in the image below.

Canadian Women’s Foundation

It was thanks to this sign that a 16-year-old girl named Nevaeh Lance was saved. This girl had been reported missing in North Carolina (United States) by her parents on Tuesday to the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky.

No one knew anything about her whereabouts, but it turns out that she’d been abducted by 61-year-old James Brick in his car. A person driving behind them saw something that caught his attention: the hand gestures the young woman was making to call for help. Fortunately, he recognized them and called the police to rescue her.

“The complainant was behind the vehicle and noticed a female passenger in the vehicle making hand gestures that are known  on the social media platform TikTok to represent violence at home. I need help, domestic violence,” the police authority said in a statement, according to CNN.

Imagen referencial: Pexels

The hero in this case followed the vehicle for 11 kilometers, keeping an eye on it and informing police of its movements, according to WYMT. They coordinated an area to meet and, without provoking suspicion in the kidnapper, stopped the car and the subject. The girl got out of the situation safely.

The guy had driven the teen from North Carolina to Ohio, where he has relatives, but they realized she was a minor and people were looking for her, police told WYMT.

“We don’t know how long coming down the interstate from Ohio that she had been doing this (gesture) to other motorists, hoping they would notice that she was in distress, but finally someone did recognize it,” Gilbert Acciardo, a sheriff’s deputy told WYMTThe subject was arrested and charged with unlawful imprisonment and possession of a matter of sex performance by a minor.

Laurel County Correctional Center

An excellent use of social media.