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julio 29, 2022

With this measure they hope to reduce the incidence of this type of crime. However, organizations believe that this won’t work. “Using punishments such as execution or injected castration reinforces the idea that the offender can no longer be rehabilitated,” said the director of the Progressive Movement of Women and Men Foundation.

One thing I’m sure most people agree on is that offenders should be punished to the full extent of the law, especially those who commit such sensitive crimes as sexual abuse. However, the other important part of the problem is to find ways to reduce or eliminate this type of crime.

That is why Thailand is looking for ways to tackle rape head-on and make the country safer. According to the Daily Mail, the Asian nation’s parliament approved chemical castration for offenders imprisoned for these practices. They hope that this measure will reduce the incidence of such crimes.

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The justice system will offer sex offenders the option of receiving an injection to reduce their testosterone levels in order to reduce their sentence, which has become a controversial issue in the country. For this to happen, doctors will have to approve the procedure and offenders will still be monitored for 10 years and will have to wear electronic bracelets.

Although this bill has already been passed by Congress and the Senate, it still needs a final vote, but everything seems to point in the same direction. “I want this bill to pass quickly. I don’t want to see news about bad things happening to women again,” said Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin.

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Although there is no certainty that this initiative will have the expected results, what is clear is that measures are needed to combat this problem. According to figures provided by the prison department, of the 16,413 sex offenders released between 2013 and 2020, some 4,848 of them reoffended.

 However, others believe that this will not work, as is the case of the director of the Progressive Movement for Women and Men Foundation, Jaded Chouwilai.

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“Convicts should be rehabilitated by changing their mindset while in prison. To use punishment like execution or injected castration reinforces the idea that the offender can no longer be rehabilitated,” he said.