By Upsocl
marzo 26, 2021

Just as the felines were sinking and could barely hold on any longer to this fishing boat, a group of local seafarers decided to take a risk and bring them to dry land.

Here we’ll tell you about an incredible rescue in the Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean), where a man graduated as a hero after saving four kittens that were about to drown.

It turns out that last Tuesday, March 2, a fishing boat started to catch fire about 13 kilometers off the island of Koh Adang (Thailand). According to local media outlet, The Nation, the eight crew members jumped into the sea and were rescued by another fishing boat in the area.


However, when the navy arrived to inspect the site where the boat sank, they found four very frightened cats all together on one of the ship’s wooden beams. They had to be rescued: if not, they were going to become victims to the force of the sea.

To stop this from happening, one of the rescuers put on his suit and swam to the boat to save the kittens. When he reached them, they allowed themselves to be picked up and the man carried them back on his shoulder, which he kept above sea level while his equipment was pulled by a rope from the other boat.

The photos of the rescue have been hugely popular on Facebook. Up until now, they’ve accumulated more than 2,500 comments, all praising the work of the rescuers and their genuine concern for the kittens’ welfare.


Today, the felines are recovering at the local army command post and the rescuers are taking good care of them to eventually put them up for adoption.

What an incredible act of bravery!