By Upsocl
marzo 15, 2019

It all seems to indicate that this species could be extinct by mid-year.

Whenever they tell us that an animal is in danger of extinction, it actually really hurts. It’s unbelievable how cruel a human being can be, cause after being aware that he’s killing a species, he simply keep going.

Unfortunately, the rumors are true. Experts reported that there are only 22 vaquitas left in the Gulf of California (the only place in the world where this species is still alive.)

Autor desconocido, ayúdanos a encontrarlo

It’s not necessary to emphasize that the animal is in danger of extinction. Jorge Urban (Researcher at the Baja California Sur University) said that the 22 vaquitas left were heard over a network of acoustic monitors of the Gulf (also known as the Sea of ​​Cortez,) and this has allowed them to determine how many were left.

However, not everything is bad news, cause the number of vaquitas left was higher than expected, as they had estimated there were only 12 to 15 left. Are the vaquitas trying to survive? We hope so.

But, why is it going extinct? This is because there are human beings that want to benefit from them cause their swim “bladder” is considered a delicacy in China, and fishermen don’t stop until they can finally export them.

The big problem that affects the species diversity is the illegal fishing in Totoaba, and apparently the Mexican government is already working on creating a sustainable, legal, and responsible fishing system that will allow productive diversification. But the truth is that we must do something to keep enjoying the most beautiful thing of nature: diversity.