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enero 21, 2020

Unlike other times this has happened, the canine was having a great time alone in the vehicle. It even led to the creation of a meme!

Puppies are a family’s loyalty and love in the form of an animal, that is very hairy and huggable, by the way. There’s a reason why they’re historically considered as man’s best friend because with their constant requests to be petted, their barks to attract attention, their happiness when we take them for walks and their great willingness to protect us, they’ve proven themselves to be an animal that will always be there for us you when we need them.

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And like every pet, these hairy canines need to be well taken care of, consciously attending to their needs. We need to think of feeding them, quenching their thirst, bathing them when they’re dirty and providing them with shelter – ideally in the house – when it gets cold. They need constant attention to live healthy and happy because if not they can get sick, depressed, or in the worst cases, die. Being responsible for another life than your own will always require commitment and hard work.

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As a result, one of the ways to take good care of a canine pet is to take it for a walk. Puppies love to go out with their humans to tour the city or just walk near its home. There are even people who go shopping with their hairy canine since today there are shopping malls that allow pets. However, this isn’t the policy everywhere yet, so sometimes humans are forced to leave their dogs in the car.

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This is how a lot of tragic, and at best, heroic, cases occur of dogs that are left in the family vehicle while their humans go shopping at the mall. These situations put the animal at risk due to recent heat waves, resulting in more than one puppy victim.

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There are also other situations, where they are simply rescued by humans who, before all rule and law, break the car’s window to save the afflicted dog. But not all cases where dogs are left in the car turn out like that. For example, here, the puppy, yes, was left alone in the car, yes, with the windows closed and, yes, on a hot day… But this time, this dog had air conditioning and his favorite music playing, as their Human indicated on the poster.

And he looked so happy that it led to the creation of different memes…

Unknown author. Help us find him
Unknown author. Help us find him

Another meme for the collection…