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enero 23, 2020

His owner couldn’t believe the level of cruelty involved in the situation. They had to look for the objects so that his little legs wouldn’t get hurt.

Sometimes humanity can be heartless. There are times where we do terrible things to defenseless beings who only seek love. Rocky was a victim of these kinds of bad people, a paralytic puppy whose wheelchair was stolen from him.

All this happened in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru, where his owner, Paola Villareal, found him in the park, crawling home.

Diario Correo

His owner first saw Rocky crawling around her university and took him to a veterinarian. There, he was diagnosed with a damaged spine, which meant moving around freely would always be an issue for him, she told  Diario Correo Peru.

Chimbote !!! La maldad del ser humano no tiene limites, le robaron lo unico que le permitia caminar, correr y ser un…

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Chimbote !!!

Human being’s evil has no limits, they stole the one thing that allowed him to walk, run and be a happy puppy … thank God his chair is on its way, but it’s not the only thing he needs 😭 it takes several things to treat Rocky (diapers, meals, clothes, sheets, damp cloths, bed, bed protectors…) so we’re organizing a birthday party for him …. there will be sweet cakes and snacks for your guests… WE WILL ALSO HAVE PUPPIES FOR ADOPTION, ADOPT RESPONSIBLY … HOWEVER… EVERYONE ARRIVES AT A PARTY WITH A GIFT, IF NOT, YOU’LL GET A STRONG BITE FROM ROCKY HIHI …


After that, she took him home and created a wheelchair for him so he could move freely to wherever he wanted. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to enjoy his wheelchair for long because it was stolen.

«He doesn’t show any signs of crawling for hours and it seems like they had just taken his chair and left him.”

-Paola Villareal

After this incident, the puppy needed a new chair. Unfortunately, his caregiver had no way of buying it.  So together with the Animalist Force association, they organized a fundraiser where they finally managed to make a new chair.

Diario Correo

Upon hearing this situation, hundreds of people made donations, not just for the wheelchair, but for diapers, wet cloths, creams and food.

Diario Correo

The most important thing about this event it generated a loving  response, leaving behind the thieves’ heartless action. What we have to give was more important, humanity has salvation and that is the best test.

Diario Correo

Hopefully, there are more people out there with a heart like Paola Villareal to rescue puppies, regardless of their condition, those willing to provide for them and give them love.