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noviembre 18, 2020

“I thought more about her than the bible. I simply listened to my heart. I decided to be honest to myself and to God” admits Fani, highlighting that love is always the most important thing.

Their story is one of love. The documentary titled “Nun of Your Business” shares Fani and Marita’s story with the world, two Croatian monks who fell in love in a convent.

They had to overcome a lot of difficulties but in the end they prioritized their love. They renounced their vows and embarked on a beautiful adventure together as a couple and today they’re happier than ever. Their lives changed drastically when fate decided to bring them together, putting them to the test.

Here you can watch the trailer for the couple’s documentary:

It all begins with Marita (with the pink hair) whose heart is stolen by her companion. And little by little the feeling grows and becomes mutual until eventually everything ends with the couple declaring their love to the world.

“I simply followed my heart”.

It’s perhaps an understatement to say that it’s ‘complicated’ to be homosexual in Croatia, a country where gay citizens have been categorized as “disabled”.

ZagrebDox/ AFP

Both women decided to leave their habits behind them and work on building and strengthening their relationship, and today they are happier than ever and full of smiles.

“I decided to be honest to myself and to God.”

Ivana Marinic Kragic is the director of the documentary that features the ex-nuns and she decided to highlight the little (or in some cases zero) freedom that many people have to make decisions about their love lives.

ZagrebDox/ AFP

Marita began her religious journey at the age of 18, but contrary to what many people might think, she chose this path of her own volition. She was answering a call.

Once there she met Fani Feric, who entered the convent at 23 years old.

“Before I used to idolize everything about it but then I realized that the church’s framework didn’t work for me. The motto of my order was “Veritas”. After a time I decided to be honest to myself and to God, that is love”.

Marita told local media

ZagrebDox/ AFP

Their bravery is inspirational, an example for many people who feel oppressed and believe that they are doing something wrong just by being happy.

It’s difficult when you don’t fit in because you’re different. For catholics, homosexuality is a sin. I prayed to God asking for him to cure my “illness” But later I realized that it was God who had made me this way, and there was nothing to cure.”

Fani highlights

ZagrebDox/ AFP

Quite a bit of time has gone by since then. Marita is 36 and Fani recently celebrated turning 40. Their story is one of resilience and love.

Today they dedicate themselves to tourism and restoration and their days are filled with happiness and love. They remain ever loyal to their religion, to God and above all, to love.