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febrero 11, 2020

“We estimate that we used 11,000 diapers a year,” says this clan’s happy father.

If having only one child is already a complicated and exhausting task, having twins is a double challenge. Imagine how it must be to have sextuplets. That’s what Janet and Graham Walton went through in 1983 when they welcomed their six daughters. The British couple say that the entire childhood of these little ones – who today are adults – was a “big blur” in which they didn’t think too much, they just did.


Now they’ll go through something similar again, but more calmly: caring for their first granddaughter.

Sisters Hannah, Ruth, Luci, Kate, Jennie and Sarah are now 36 years old and living their lives independently from their parents. Sarah is the first to have children.

A year ago, she had Jorgie, their first daughter who receives all the cuddles of the entire Walton family. Fortunately, she’s less work than her grandmother had to endure.


For Janet and Graham, the birth of their first granddaughter fills them with love and brings back memories to them.

“Looking back, I don’t know how we did it, I honestly don’t know.”

-Janet, said to the Daily Mail-

Sarah shares the joy of her first baby with her fiancé Kieran, who’s a restaurant manager.

For her parents, however, it is a new and more calm way of dealing with babies.

«We lived those years in a blur. We didn’t have time to think. We just did. And my only regret is that there wasn’t as much time as we’d like to enjoy it all.»


It’s also cheaper:

“We estimate that we used 11,000 diapers a year”

-Graham Walton, in conversation with the Daily Mail-

Want to see what sextuplets and their parents look like today?

Dan Goldsmith Photography.
Dan Goldsmith Photography.

Janet enjoys spending time with her new family member. She says she keeps quiet when her daughter complains about her tiredness, although she inevitably remembers how it was to raise six daughters of the same age.

“We couldn’t learn from our mistakes because everything happened all at once: the cries, teaching them to use the bathroom, their first steps, there was always something.”


Dan Goldsmith Photography.
Dan Goldsmith Photography.

And what about the rest of the sisters?

Ruth works as a receptionist and will get married this year. Luci is a cabin crew member for an airline and says she isn’t ready to have children.

Hannah is a primary school teacher and is saving up so that she can start a family. Kate works in human resources and says she’s not very motherly, so she isn’t attracted to the idea of having children.

Jennie has a candy store and says she wants to be a mom but is first looking for a man to share her life with.