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diciembre 31, 2020

Rafael and Pedro have been married since 2011, and three years ago, they started the adoption process, in which they trained in the best way to adopt 4 brothers. They say that they live with difficulties, like all parents, but that this only strengthens the bond with their children.

Having a home and a roof is a birthright for many people, thus, we practically don’t appreciate it because most of us grew up. Unfortunately, many children arrive in this world and are abandoned or given up for adoption due to various circumstances, having to grow up with a single dream: finding a family who loves them and with which they can grow up like every other kid in the world.

A Crítica

Just as there are children who want to be adopted, there are those who are hoping to adopt and start a family, like was the case with Rafael de Souza and Pedro Miguel de Souza, a homosexual couple from Brazil who’ve been married since 2011 and were looking for the opportunity to adopt, reported A Crítica.

They went through an extensive process. After 3 years of undergoing different tests, they went through training courses and different activities to help couples get prepared to start a family, in this case, a large one.

Apoyo – Pixabay

They chose 4 brothers who lived in a hostel in the city of Parintins, in the state of Amazonas. The couple says that as soon as they saw them, they connected with the little ones, whom they got to know over time and who were increasingly eager to move in with Rafael and Pedro. The shelter and the municipality always displayed the best intentions to help throughout this adoption process, which is very much appreciated by these two who are parents today.

After we made the decision, we tried to learn more about the different methods of adoption, and we were very well received and instructed by the professionals of the District of Parintins. Today, we can’t imagine our lives without our kids. They arrived, they changed our lives for the better, and they’ll always be our kids.

–Rafael de Souza to A Crítica

Apoyo – Pixabay

The couple now says they are living an extremely enriching experience. They face difficulties like all parents, but these are truly insignificant compared to the love and affection they experience every day, which grows stronger over time, turning into what they’ve always dreamed of. The last member to join was Pedro’s mother, who, at 66 years old, is amazing at helping out with the housework as a new grandmother.