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agosto 4, 2022

The two got into a fight, but the most affected party was the mistress since the man’s wife didn’t want to let go of her hair. “You knew this was going to happen to you, wretch,” she shouted at her.

One of the things that can affect a couple’s relationship the most are situations that cause trust to break down between lovers. Many of these have to do with cheating and infidelity, and this becomes even worse if they’re caught in situ.

Yet, in that case, many different scenes could be generated. First, people may react badly against their own partners or against the people who are interfering with the relationship. However, it can also happen that they let it go and nothing happens.

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However, a woman from Victoria, a city in Tamaulipas, Mexico, reacted in the former way after witnessing her partner shopping in a supermarket with a young stranger.

According to information from El Universal de Puebla, the moment when the man is discovered by his girlfriend was recorded on the phones of several people who witnessed the event in a Walmart supermarket.

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Both people involved were leaving the shop when they were intercepted by the man’s girlfriend, who lashed out at the other woman and grabbed her by the hair.

At that moment, the people on the scene realized that this was the man’s official girlfriend, as she directly rebuked the situation to the other unknown young woman. “You were saying no and you’re with my husband,” she said.

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Within seconds, the scene turned aggressive and both the man and the witnesses who were in the parking lot tried to separate the women. However, the one who had grabbed the other by the hair didn’t want to let go for anything in the world.

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“You knew this was going to happen to you, wretch, for messing with my husband,” the woman shouted, while the people on site tried to calm her down by telling her that “it’s not her fault”, but her husband’s.

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The woman knew her husband would be at the scene because a friend had tipped her off via chat that she’d seen a man who looked very similar to him in the supermarket with another girl.

Eventually those who intervened in the fight had to threaten to call the police to convince the woman to let the other girl go.