By Upsocl
agosto 1, 2022

Roberto Bete and Erika Fernandes became parents in May this year. However, the man being transgender had had his mammary glands removed, so his wife underwent hormone treatment to be able to breastfeed the little one.

As the years have gone by, technology in the world has advanced by leaps and bounds, especially in the world of medicine. This revolution is precisely what has allowed Erika, a transgender woman, to breastfeed her young son, who was conceived by her transgender husband.

Instagram: @roberto_bete

Roberto Bete and Erika Fernandes, a couple from Brazil, are both transgender. Roberto was born a biological woman while Erika was born a man. However, thanks to medical advances, both started a transition process, where thanks to a hormone treatment they were able to change their gender.

Even so, Roberto kept his entire reproductive system, so he never lost his uterus or his ovaries. Thanks to this, in May this year, the man was able to give birth without any problem to his first child with his beloved Erika.

Instagram: @roberto_bete

However, what Roberto did lose during the transition stage were his mammary glands. In order to avoid breast growth, the 32-year-old underwent an operation to remove this part of his body, completely losing his ability to breastfeed.

Erika, however, had her mammary glands intact. As both biological men and women are born with this area of the breast, all that is needed is an intervention with hormone injections to stimulate milk production, according to Ana Thais Vargas, the couple’s family doctor.

Instagram: @roberto_bete

“The breastfeeding process that she does stimulates the body to produce her prolactin, and this is what allows the breast cells to produce milk. And there is no hormone in that milk that is not also in the bodies of other people who produce milk.”

Ana Thais Vargas to UOL.

Before the birth of Erika and Roberto’s son, the woman started her stimulation treatment with hormones and an electric breast pump. In just two months, she had good results.

“As much as people said, ‘You’re crazy, breastfeeding is the worst. You didn’t even have a baby’. They told me that it would hurt, that the breast would be hurt, and that you have to get up every two hours, but I said: ‘I want to have this connection, I want to participate in my child’s development.”

Erika Fernandes to UOL.

 Despite the criticism received, today the trans couple enjoys parenthood like any other married couple. They have even decided to share this journey in some videos uploaded to YouTube, where they proudly show the family they are becoming.