By Upsocl
abril 9, 2020

It looks like an alien, some kind of extraterrestrial life or a mutilated puppy, but it’s nothing more than an optical illusion. He’s actually really cute.

Optical illusions have the ability to trick our brains. Of course, we’re far from perfect. These are simply deceptive mental images, in other words, a false perception of reality due to misinterpretation. What’s better than explaining with words is showing the thousands of images that exist on the Internet and even in videos. One of them is the focus of this story, an image that’s disturbing for many.

The picture of this «headless animal» has terrified many people. It’s really difficult to decipher and understand that it’s only an illusion. It is indeed a dog, but his position and missing leg makes it seem like he’s from another planet.


People are having a lot of trouble identifying the image. Our brain is being tricked since the photo isn’t what it seems to be. Yes, indeed the animal is missing one of his legs, but not his head.

This photo is simply a puppy with his head back, scratching his back. The big scar is where his leg should go, which he lost due to an unfortunate circumstance.

It’s complex to explain and also understand, so a user with a lot of time and resolve made this drawing that’s impossible to not understand.


His head is hidden since he’s looking back. The area where his leg should be was shaved for the operation, making everything even more tricky.

Apparently, this naughty canine is a great contortionist, as well as a tremendous illusionist. People have a lot of trouble understanding the image, so much so that they have drawn their own theories. We leave you with some of the funniest:

This is more terrifying than the original.


A round of applause for the artist who created this artwork:


Is this a sea lion?


It’s simpler than everyone thought. In fact, he’s in perfect shape and is smiling more than ever:

«I’m fine friends, my head is in its place. Don’t worry»


It’s not an alien, just a mischievous puppy that’s missing a leg.