By Upsocl
septiembre 8, 2021

Brazilian actress Nanda Costa, who is expecting her first two children with her girlfriend Lan Lanh, was the victim of prejudice and homophobia online. They recommended that she “find a man” to help her with the pregnancy, in addition to saying that the world was “upside-down” and other disrespectful comments.

We have already seen in several cases that a family doesn’t have to be composed of a father and a mother. In recent times, it’s become more than clear that a home can function with two mothers, two fathers, or even with best friends without any romantic commitment. It’s all about being able to give love, and for that, there doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship.

Having said that, today we will review the sad case of a woman from Brazil who got pregnant with twins with her girlfriend. However, when she shared her joyful news online, she encountered the hatred and intolerance of some people who still refuse to accept how things are working in more modern times and are frustrated with the downfall of what they perceive as moral.

Actress Nanda Costa, 34 years old and famous for having acted in several soap operas in her country, commented in an interview with “Fantástico” on her five-month pregnancy of her twins, which she planned together with her partner Lan Lanh, a 53-year-old percussionist. Costa revealed that the pregnancy was achieved through in vitro fertilization. It was successful after a third attempt, and she’s due for next October.

She also commented that she used her own eggs for the gestation since Lan is older than her. The couple managed to hide the pregnancy this entire time, and Nanda only shared some pictures with her family and close ones. However, since she’s a celebrity, she deleted them later for fear that they’d be leaked.

When they were ready, they both revealed the pregnancy on their respective social media accounts, receiving a lot of love from many people who were happy with the news. However, they also got unwanted homophobic comments, asking about a supposed father who wasn’t present.

Some people commented on the post saying that the world was “upside-down”, since they couldn’t understand how the twins had been conceived. Furthermore, they wondered “who the father was” in a totally condemnable and sarcastic tone, as if saying that a male figure is necessary for a family to raise children. They even went as far as to suggest that Nanda “get herself” a man to help her out.

Fortunately, the couple is mature enough to ignore this unwarranted hatred, and they’ve continued to share content regarding their future family. In most of the photos uploaded by Nanda, she proudly appears next to her partner and future mother of her children.

How long will people continue to meddle in the lives of others and give them moral orders? It’s amazing how much liberty trolls take on social media. They have no business getting involved in Nanda and Lan’s relationship, let alone in Nanda’s pregnancy.

Here, love is much stronger than hate!