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septiembre 6, 2021

For mourning her dog after 12 years of companionship, Wendy lost her job after going two weeks without coming in to fulfill her duties. She asked for people to be more understanding when it comes to the loss of a pet.

For those of us who’ve had pets, we know that the loss of a pet is painful, as they bring us genuine joy and unconditional love. Because of this, many of us need days or months to get over the sadness of their departure, however, one woman even had to miss work because of it.

Wendy O’Grady, a retail store supervisor in the United States, couldn’t overcome the sadness of her beloved dog’s death and decided to miss two weeks of work to recover. Her employer didn’t understand this and fired her.

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The story between Wendy and Zac – a chocolate Labrador – started in 2009, after she and her husband suffered 10 miscarriages in 15 years. The then-puppy came to fill a void and gladden the hearts of those in that household.

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However, after 12 years of complete bliss with Zac, in July 2021, he was diagnosed with spinal cancer, and everything after that went downhill. Treatments, hospitalizations, and a lot of pain led Wendy and Mike, her husband, to make the decision to put him down.

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“I can’t even explain the grief. We were inconsolable. After 12 years, to not see him come to the door when I came home was heartbreaking,” were her first impressions according to Wendy. She was hurting so deeply that she compared it to “losing a child”.

After that very difficult event, Wendy didn’t have the strength to go to work for several days: “I just couldn’t handle life”. This decision brought negative consequences at her place of work.

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After losing her job, Wendy’s message is to ask employers and bosses to be more understanding of the loss of a pet: “I think people should be more open and just talk about it. We lost a member of our family and I think it should be addressed.”

Everyone deals with their problems as best they can.