By Upsocl
febrero 17, 2021

A TikTok has gone viral where a woman made something for her husband for Valentine’s Day, showing him that she knows very well what he does in his spare time.

When we think of Valentine’s Day, also known as the Day of Lovers, we always think of a couple (usually a young and attractive couple) walking by a river, waiting for the sun to set. It’s the day when we celebrate the joy of being together with someone we consider special and unique. Still, there’s always room for a little bit of humor, as well as a dash of rectification.


That’s what one woman did for Valentine’s Day, who shared her comical project on TikTok.


The protagonist showed on her account her plan to prove to her husband that she’s very aware of what he does in his free time. Her way of doing it was so original and creative that we’re sure it would earn her a very good grade in art and creativity class.


The first thing she did was to collect the profile pictures of all the girls her husband follows and likes on his Instagram account.


This already sounds like a lot, but the next step is what really made the project stand out. She printed out the photos and attached a stick to each one. She then stuck them all into a hot red box, making a sort of altar to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In her first video, she demonstrated her skills by creating the altar.


In the second video, which is even funnier than the first, she handed the gift to her husband. Almost as if the scene had been set up, he appears from one of the rooms in their flat with his smartphone in his hand. We can only guess what he was doing.

When she has him in front of her, she gives him his gift. He’s a little slow to understand, but when she explains, he smiles.

It may have been the creativity of his dear wife, or the fact that she’s just shown him that she knows what he’s been up to…. but his reaction is one of surprise and laughter. Whether or not he’ll now start keeping his opinions about the girls he finds attractive on the visual social network to himself is something we can’t say for sure.

But at least now he’ll stop underestimating his wife and her detective skills. At the very least, he’ll appreciate the creativity of the woman he has decided to share his life with.