By Upsocl
octubre 19, 2021

“If it’s consensual, it’s not an affair,” says Rae Nemetsky, 22, who currently has encounters outside of her marriage which are authorized by her own husband. Although he is faithful to her, she may enjoy herself with others.

Every couple has their own arrangements, and we are in no position to judge them. However, of course, there are situations that attract attention for being “outside the norm” or for being something we aren’t used to. In a society, where fidelity is key, a couple bets on going against it.

Rae Nemetsky, 22, describes herself as a “hot wife”, meaning she is a woman who shares her life with her husband, is a mother to his children, but is also allowed to sleep with other men in her marriage.

Rae Nemetsky

Through her TikTok account, Rae has explained the reasons for reaching this agreement between her and her husband. She claims it was actually his idea. “He’d asked me for more than a year to sleep with other men,” she began.

Although the couple claims to be happily married, she sleeps with other men for him. “Technically, it’s a fantasy or a man’s kink,” Rae said in one of her videos. And the thing is, her husband is faithful to her and doesn’t sleep with anyone else.

Rae Nemetsky

However, Rae has emphasized that she’s the one who makes the final decisions, and her husband would never force her to do it when she didn’t want to. “I’m always the person who sets it up and chooses the person, so I have a lot of control,” she points out.

For her marriage, “if it’s consensual, it’s not an affair” and she assures that she always, no matter what happens with other men, “goes back to her husband”, because it’s something that makes them both equally happy. 

Rae Nemetsky