By Upsocl
octubre 2, 2020

In the video she first appears to be thanking them for the close relationship that the three share, but then, with the help of some printed WhatsApp conversations, she goes on to reveal the true motive behind the gathering.

Infidelity is quite a common occurrence in relationships. Unfortunately many times it happens because  one of the people involved doesn’t understand the loyalty that they owe to their partner. This causes them to engage in parallel love affairs which can end up costing them their relationship and even marriage. It seems that everyone has either been a victim of infidelity or been unfaithful to their partner at least once. Generally the affairs tend to be justified in different ways, sometimes even by blaming the person who wasn’t unfaithful. Others simply deny their infidelity until the end.

Isma Que Vida La Mía / Facebook

It’s quite possible that those of you who are reading this have been a victim of infidelity yourselves, or have been unfaithful to someone you love. Sometimes affairs are carried out so stealthily and with such effective deception that the partner affected never finds out. But one woman in Mexico City not only found out about her boyfriend’s infidelity. but wanted to prepare an event to expose the affair he was having with her best friend. She felt the betrayal so keenly that it wasn’t enough for her to merely end the relationship. She wanted to make an example of them both.

Isma Que Vida La Mía / Facebook

Which is why this woman came up with the idea of throwing a party to reveal that her boyfriend was cheating on her with none other than her best friend. And what better day to teach her boyfriend a lesson he’d never forget, than on his birthday? The event was attended by several friends and there was even a mariachi band. Cameras recorded how the woman stood in front of a birthday cake with her boyfriend and best friend, only to expose their betrayal moments later.

Truly I feel excited because I never thought for a moment that my best friend, my  boyfriend and I were going to get on so well and form such a fantastic team. They have been there for me through thick and thin which is why today I want you to read some beautiful texts that I found and that really moved me. (…) Did you really think I wasn’t going to realize? Did you think I didn’t notice the looks you shared? Of all the people who I thought he could betray me like this with, I never imagined that it would be my best friend. (..) I want to thank you for opening my eyes and making me realize what kind of man I had at my side.

–  She said in a video uploaded by  Isma Que Vida La Mía and that already has over 589,000 reactions and 85,000 comments.

In the clip she appears standing between and thanking them for the close relationship they share but then, with the help of some friends and some WhatsApp conversations, she goes on to expose her partner’s infidelity, and shows how let down she feels by her best friend. The guests present can’t believe it and the boyfriend tries to resolve the situation as best he can. A scene that many liked but that others felt could be an act.