By Upsocl
marzo 18, 2019

What’s better than going back to being a kid again on the most important day of our lives?

We love the idea of innovation, when people break the monotony and propose something different. Weddings are usually formal ceremonies where protocols cannot be broken.

But there’s always some people who like to break the traditions and try to make their wedding day just one for the books, without caring about what other people think. In the end, it’s your wedding and it must be just the way you like it.

Well, if you’re one of those who don’t like weddings that much, here’s the solution to all your problems: a white bouncy castle that can be decorated, and that’s not only for the little ones but also for adults of all ages.

Yes, you reading right! They’re actually very big, as they measure 5 meters high and 6 meters wide. So if you’re thinking of renting one, you should consider having enough room to place it. Several brands such as A Wedding Wonderland, 1 Entertainment, and Mr Bouncy Castle have already entered the UK market, but its expected to expand it worldwide soon.

The average price doesn’t exceed four hundred dollars, which seems to be quite expensive, but for me it’s appropriate considering the many emotions that can be captured on this castle.

As for now, these castles are only popular in the Old Continent, but sooner than later they will become more common in America.

There are always those people who look for different alternatives so that their wedding can be the best day ever, and I do believe that going onto bouncy castles is a great idea, as they usually don’t allow us to do it cause we are “too big” for them.