By Upsocl
diciembre 11, 2020

He is constantly fleeing from the people who tormented him because of his facial features and for being different. He’s never been to school or to the doctor and spends hours and hours in the middle of the jungle, eating grass and living amongst the animals. This is of the story of Ellie, the so-called real-life Mowgli.

Despite the villager’s fear and rejection of Zanziman Ellie, to his mother he’s a miracle. He’s barely 21 years old but the majority of those years have been tainted with suffering. His mom had lost five children before him, so together with her husband she looked to the sky and prayed for a baby, even asking  foran “abnormal baby, as long as he wouldn’t die”, according to The Sun newspaper.

9 months later, Ellie was born. He suffers from a condition called microcephaly and is constantly bullied by members of his tribe in Rwanda. They discriminate against him for being different, due to his face and behavior.

He is so affected by the situation that as soon as he senses danger, Ellie is forced to run for cover in the jungle, where he can spend hours walking around, eating grass and living with the animals. Every night his mother has to go after him and make him come home.

In an interview with the media outlet Afrimax Rwanda, Ellie’s mother said that people have always made fun of him, criticizing and judging him. As well as evidently mistreating him.

He often has to climb trees to get out of the reach of the villagers.


On occasions he’s walked up to 140 miles away from home, lost in the jungle and without a set path.

When his story came to light, a group of volunteers decided to launch a campaign to raise funds to help him.


Although he’s unable to speak, Ellie’s mother says the two can understand each other and that Ellie can follow instructions.

“From consultation with health experts, we believe the boy is suffering from microcephaly which is further compounded by a lack of understanding and love from the villagers.

He may not necessarily like to live in the jungle but he looks to be running away from an abusive mob that causes him to do things he dislikes.”

–explains Savannah News–


Mowgli’s” situation has gotten worse as time’s gone by. He’s 21 years old and soon it will be impossible for his mother to control him.

Poverty has been an important factor in Ellie’s upbringing, without the necessary resources and education his life outlook seems bleak.


The character of Mowgli is a reference to the protagonist of The Jungle Book, in which a boy grows up in the jungle surrounded by animals

Ellie’s story has touched the hearts of many people, who can sense his suffering. If his illness were properly treated, his quality life would probably improve greatly.