By Upsocl
octubre 8, 2021

This anonymous man shared several videos of Kalbi, his beautiful piglet, and managed to gather more than 100,000 followers on his YouTube channel. However, he horrified netizens when he posted a video of a piglet fresh out of the oven, but it was all part of a questionable master plan.

We’ll go to South Korea, where a morbid story involving a YouTube channel, a content creator and an adorable little piglet took place. And while everything indicated that this tale had a terrible ending, the truth is that there was a plot twist that, honestly, we aren’t sure convinced the audience.

It turns out that this content creator made a channel called Eaten Pig after 100 Days -or “Cerdo comido después de 100 días”, in Spanish- and started sharing videos of the aforementioned little pig, named Kalbi.


The animal appeared in tutus and rolled up in blankets as if it were a baby, which evidently made the channel’s popularity skyrocket: a few weeks after its launch, it already had more than 100,000 subscribers.

However, there were important details included in the videos posted: from time to time, Kalbi’s owner himself would appear showing pieces of raw pork on camera. And if we take into account the puzzling name of the channel, plus the fact that “Kalbi” means “roast rib” in Korean, many people started to connect the dots.

And of course, the thousands of viewers begged the man on the channel not to do anything with the Kalbi piglet, knowing that he was probably going to end up cooking it in the oven. They accused him of animal cruelty and psychopathy: “How would you feel if you loved someone who was just waiting to kill you?” one netizen asked.


Kalbi’s 100 days of life supposedly came to an end last September 1, and the channel’s owner posted a video that day where he took the carcass of a small piglet out of a cardboard box, seasoned the meat, and then put it in the oven. For many people, Kalbi had already been a victim of his owner’s experiment, who received death threats and even bomb threats for his “abnormal” and “disgusting” initiative.

However, in an interview with VICE World News, the content creator – who preferred to hide his real identity – commented that the intention of the videos was to make people question what they eat. He said his goal was to show that supermarket meat comes from animals just as beautiful and tender as Kalbi, and if people are eating meat, they should appreciate the animal’s sacrifice.


Now that the controversy has been cleared up, what happened to Kalbi? Surprise: he isn’t dead. The owner of the channel posted a video a few days ago where the piglet is seen alive and kicking. He had bought another piglet to cook in the video above.

However, many doubts arise with his explanation. For many, the Youtuber used the piglets to gain clicks and profit from the emotional well-being of the audience. In addition, some animal rights groups questioned the fact of wanting to raise awareness about food while raising and killing piglets.

Pigs are intelligent, curious, playful animals. Killing them is as unethical as slitting the throat of the family dog. We urge everyone not to watch this YouTube channel, and to be compassionate toward pigs and other animals by keeping them off their dishes.”

PETA spokeswoman Nirali Shah to VICE World News—


Meanwhile, the Youtuber hopes that at least some people have understood his message and will respect animals when it comes to cooking. However, it’s certainly an odd way to prove a point, to say the least….