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24 November, 2016

¿Te atreverías a probarlas?

Lo más maravilloso que se ha visto durante los últimos tiempos es la gran variedad de colores, sabores y formas con los que podemos jugar con nuestro cabello. Mejor aún es que las más talentosas comparten sus resultados en las redes sociales y el resto del mundo nos podemos inspirar en sus creaciones y hacer algo muy, muy alocado.

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INSTAGRAM HAIR TREND OF THE WEEK! Meet #SUCCULENTHAIR…haircolor inspired by everyone’s favorite wedding favor! Stylists across the U.S. have been dyeing their clients' locks with a gorgeous mix of green, purple, teal, and pink to mimic the natural colors of succulents. On Instagram, under the #succulenthair tag, you'll find excellent examples of the hair-color trend—in between pictures of women literally wearing tiny succulents in their hair on their wedding days. Aly Louch, a stylist at Shear Excitement Salon & Spa in Pompano Beach, Florida, tried out succulent hair on a client who is obsessed with the plants. "We had been talking about creating a piece inspired by succulents for some time," Louch tells Allure. "Finally, we just decided to stop talking about it and do it." Before the succulent dye job, the model had different shades of blue, purple, and pink in her hair, so Louch had to strip her hair of the rainbow entirely before starting the coloring process. Once the model's hair was basically a blank canvas, Louch brushed on a mix of vivid greens, leaving out the bottom two inches. Then Louch went back in to "melt and diffuse the ends with a mixture of pink, magenta, and wild orchid with a drop of violet," she says. #redavid #redavidhair #hair #fashion #beauty #americansalon #modernsalon #beautylaunchpad #behindthechair #hairscience #orchidoil #sciencethatworks #stylingthatstuns #hairtrend #trend #haircolor #unicorntribe

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throwback to when @che.r.mariano made me fabulous should I do this again or go darker? #struggleisreal

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So excited to make this happen #hiddenrainbowhair

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Add some colour to your roots with this fun trend of #rainbowroots

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or do you love babypink hair? #babypinkhair #colorcraving #keunehaircosmetics

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#MACARONHAIR #btconeshot_braids16 #btconeshot_rainbow16 #btconeshot_color16 #btconeshot_updos16 #hautehues

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