By Upsocl
December 24, 2021

Desperate to regain her ex’s love, a girl didn’t hesitate to do the impossible to get him back. But it was all in vain.

Many times, a romantic breakup can be more impactful than people think. People in love can come up with any kind of strategy to get back into the arms of the person they once called their “love”. This was the case of Jaqueline, a young woman who had no shame when it came to inventing a fake wedding so that her ex-boyfriend would call her.

TikTok: @dieschaklin

Jaqueline, a woman from Germany admitted on her social media that she organized a totally fake wedding, just to get a man’s attention. The young woman hired a professional photographer to recreate what looked like a perfectly real marriage. The images even show a groom well-dressed for the occasion, posing with Jaqueline.

TikTok: @dieschaklin

Unfortunately for Jaqueline, who just wanted to get the love of her life back, all that happened was that she was completely ignored. Her beloved didn’t call her, didn’t text her, didn’t look for her. The girl’s fake wedding was a failure. The woman spent not only time but also a lot of money on trying to pull it off.

In the clip, you can see the young woman dressed as a bride, perfectly made up for the occasion, even wearing a long veil. The professional photo shoot portrayed a dream wedding that never existed. The video showed that Jaqueline was even able to rent a venue to hold the fake event and that there was a cake specially decorated for a wedding.

TikTok: @dieschaklin

The failure of her sham marriage was told by the young woman herself in a video she posted on TikTok. The video soon reached 2.3 million views and has already accumulated more than 470,000 “likes”.

TikTok: @dieschaklin

“What were you going to say if your ex called you? What story were you going to tell him?”, “This made me feel a little less crazy”, “You’re done”, “Sis, how are you going to explain the divorce now?”, “I thought I was crazy, but I need to get to this level”, are some of the hundreds of messages left by incredulous cybernauts to the girl in love.

Jaqueline has no limits when it comes to love.