By Upsocl
August 25, 2020

His life was changed by a car accident, and all the money in the world hasn’t been able to bring him back.

Some people say that money doesn’t buy happiness, however, unfortunately, the Al Waled Bin family has learned this the hard way. They’re a family of very powerful kings and princes in Saudi Arabia, who unfortunately has had a loved one in a coma for over 15 years.

We’re talking about Prince Al Walid Bin Khalid, who was in a car accident in 2005.

This terrible moment changed his family’s life. Below, we’ll give you 10 facts to get to know the “sleeping prince” better:

1. The accident happened when he turned 18 years old.

Twitter / Rima Talal

He’d just come of age when the prince took one of his sports cars and went out for a drive, presumably above the speed limit. He had access to many luxuries and his abuse of one of these changed his destiny.

2. If his father dies, he could inherit over $5 billion dollars.

Twitter / Rima Talal

According to Forbes, Al Walid Bin Talal Alsaud’s fortune is around $18.7 billion dollars and the family has three children.

3. His father prays every day for a miracle to bring him back to life.

As a man of great faith, he believes that God will bring his son back at some point. There’s no question that the love of a parent is magnificent and incomparable.

4. His brother was also in a car accident.

Getty Images

Actually, it seems that taking advantage of luxuries is something that runs in the family because his other brother, Mohamed, also had a car accident that completely destroyed the vehicle. Luckily, he came out unharmed.

Let’s hope he now understands how dangerous this can be.

5. His family doesn’t plan on disconnecting him.

Twitter / Reem Alwaleed

They’re a billionaire family and have no intentions of disconnecting him. They even moved all the medical equipment to their home where he rests and is cared for by nurses and doctors.

6. If he came back to life, he’d have shares in Apple, Twitter and even Disney.

Twitter / Reem Alwalaad

Prince Al Walid Bin Talal Alsaud owns shares in many companies around the world and many of them are among the most important.

7. In 2019, his family celebrated that he moved his head.

Last year, he moved his head. So far, it just seems to have been a reflex, but his family is very hopeful that soon his whole body will soon regain mobility.

8. His family’s business invested $50 million dollars in Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Coalition for clean energy.

Breakthrough Energy Coalition

His father believes in renewable energy and sees Bill Gates’ plan as a sustainable way to bring electricity to all parts of the world, without harming the planet.

9. The accident happened in London.


Many of us would’ve expected this to have happened in Saudi Arabia, where the family has authority and politically runs the country. Unfortunately, it happened in a first world country, in London, England, where laws are supposed to be enforced.

10.He’s received many experimental treatments from different parts of the world.

Twitter / Rima Talal

Since they have access to a lot of money, his family has paid for any treatment that promises to restore his health. At present, this hasn’t been achieved, but his family has faith that at some point, the miracle will occur.