By José Pablo Harz
June 29, 2024

Heidi Klum’s bodyguard is at another level.

Although the eyes of the fans and paparazzi tend to fall on celebrities, sometimes there are other people who overshadow them. This is the case with these 12 bodyguards, who have drawn more attention for their beauty than the very celebrities they protect.

It’s almost as if…  they’re too attractive!

Here is the list of the most handsome celebrity bodyguards:

1. Cardi B’s bodyguard

Botticelli / GC Images / Instagram @price_services

When Cardi B went to court in December, she wasn’t the one who stole all the attention, her bodyguard, Price, did. He is already well known for his beauty and has more than 15 thousand followers on Instagram.

2. Justin Bieber’s bodyguard

Bauer-Griffin / Instagram @mikeyarana

His name is Michael Arana and he’s the one who organizes the singer’s entire security team. According to his Instagram account, he has a fairly close relationship with Justin.

3. Karl Lagerfield’s bodyguard

Julien Hekimian / Instagram @bentoub

Before the creative director of Chanel passed away, he had Sebastien Jondeau, 44, working for him as his bodyguard and personal assistant.

4. Paris Hilton’s bodyguard

Michael Dodge

Paris Hilton has always been a diva, and as such, she must count on a great security team. But apparently, she doesn’t just hire anyone. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that they’re all attractive.

5. Katie Holmes’s bodyguard

James Devaney

After separating from Tom Cruise in 2012, Katie hired her own security team, since she used to share one with her husband. This model-looking bodyguard was a member of her new crew.

6. Heidi Klum’s bodyguard

East News

Heidi Klum had a relationship with her bodyguard, Martin Kristen, that lasted two years. However, she was forced to fire him when the romance ended, so she hired this attractive security guard to take over her protection.

7. Bella Hadid’s bodyguard

MEGA / Instagram @simon.newton

Simon Newton is Bella Hadid’s bodyguard and always tries to keep up with the model. This includes following fashion trends and impressing paparazzi with his elegant appearance.

8. Gigi Hadid’s bodyguard

Josiah Kamau

Although Gigi usually wants to be the protagonist in all the photos, it apparently doesn’t bother her that a professional and attractive man like his bodyguard also shows up in them.

9. Amy Adams and Victoria Beckham’s bodyguard

Josiah Kamau

Although he started off as Amy Adams’s bodyguard in 2016, a few months later he became Victoria Beckham’s bodyguard. He always dresses very well and looks elegant walking next to her.

Josiah Kamau

10.  Kristen Stewart’s bodyguard

East News

Kristen Stewart’s bodyguard has his own fan club. Some have created fan pages for him on Facebook and Twitter that have been running since 2010.

11. Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard

East News

Tim Chung used to be Kylie’s bodyguard. Like the others the family has had, he was very attractive. However, his predecessor doesn’t fall far behind. Just look at that mountain of muscles.

12. Brooklyn Beckham’s bodyguard


Justin Riblet caused internet sensation when he was photographed working for Jennifer Lawrence. However, a year later, he became a part of the Brooklyn Beckham team… and according to his resume, the young man is very solid. He graduated from the largest higher education institution in New Jersey, Rutgers University, with a degree in criminal law and he also served in the Special Forces of the United States Army.