By Upsocl
July 13, 2020

And Jimmy Fallon’s doppelganger even has the same dark circles. They’re identical.

We’ve always known that somewhere in the world there’s someone who looks like us, and sometimes we even come across that person in the same city or through social media. Just as this happens to us, it also happens to celebrities, but clearly with much clearer examples.

In fact, there are certain people who making a living as official celebrity doppelgangers, and there are also those who take advantage of their resemblance to a celeb to gain followers on social media.

Then, there are also people who simply enjoy their similarity and don’t use it for any means, as well as, obviously, those who don’t think they look like celebrities at all.

There are many examples, going from those who dress, style their hair and do their makeup just like the famous people they look like, to others who don’t have to put much effort into achieving a level of similarity that could confuse anyone.

Seriously, anyone.

1. This man and Will Smith

© Dr_Skyman / willsmith

2. Jey Gaga, the Chilean doppelganger, and Lady Gaga

© jeygaga / ladygaga

3. Black Gaunt and Blake Lively

blackgaunt / blakelively

4. Jasmine Chiswell and Marilyn Monroe

jasminechiswell / Wiese

5. This man and Mark Hamill

RoombaKing / Disney

6. Jason Kent and Daniel Craig

danielcraig0.0.7 / Universal Pictures

7. This man and Bernie Sanders

jadebirdy /Darla Khazei

8. Dilâra Toprakci and Bella Hadid

dilaratoprakci / bellahadid

9. This girl and Mila Kunis

_chexsea_ / Sony Pictures

10. This boy and Timothée Chalamet

Reddit / AFP

11. This woman and Princess Diana

jazminwindsong /Globe Photos

12. This man and Jimmy Fallon

kdblol / jimmyfallon

13. Ian and Jason Momoa

14. This man and Neil Patrick Harris

barneystinsondouble / Neil Patrick Harris

They’re like two peas in a pod!