By Upsocl
febrero 11, 2021

Lulu Menziwa is a schoolteacher in South Africa who’s recently faced criticism for “being too provocative” for her outfits. Others defend her, claiming that haters don’t have a problem with her clothes, but with her body, and that accusing her of “being too attractive” is a form of discrimination.

We told you Lulu Menziwa’s story, a South African school teacher who was heavily criticized on social media for a photo she uploaded of herself while teaching class. Her voluptuous figure angered some people who found it unacceptable for her to teach young people, while others defended her, accusing users of discrimination.

1. The teacher uploaded a picture of herself teaching in jeans, a shirt and a cap, sparking the outrage of some users on her personal Twitter account.

Twitter @lulu_menziwa

2. A debate immediately arose between those who accused her of sexualizing the classroom and those who argued that it’s her body and wasn’t guilty of that.


3. Then people began to argue over previous posts the teacher had made, criticizing her by saying that she was showing too much skin on social media, and that she should show more respect for herself because of her work.


4. This caused an even more intense debate where supporters said that, as a person, she had every right to upload whatever she wanted on her networks.

5. Some photographs on both Twitter and Instagram show her in bikinis and even in the bathroom, where she’s only covered by a towel.


6. The controversy started when Menziwa uploaded that picture in class. She’s never had any problems before with any students, parents or the school itself.


7. Menziwa isn’t just a teacher, she’s also a businesswoman and model, something she loves to share more about on her social media.

8. “Criticizing her for being too beautiful is discrimination,” some users said, defending her after the debate broke out.


9. Others refuse to accept the fact that she uploads public content where she shows herself “almost naked” while teaching students. They say that this could affect how her students view her in class.

10. Then there are those who respect her right to keep her job separate from what she posts on her networks. They say her job is to teach, and outside of school, she’s “free to do whatever she wants”.

11. Menziwa hasn’t addressed the controversy yet, but she hasn’t deactivated the comments section.

12. She is still active online and has continued to post photos throughout the week.


13. While we don’t know her opinion about those turbulent days on his social media, her account has gained many more followers.


14. Whether it’s on the street, in front of cars, or in luxurious limousines, Lulu loves to appear in extravagant outfits.

Lulu Menziwa is able to show the world that she’s very proud of her body and isn’t ashamed to show it. Both her job as a teacher and her hobby as a model are able to coexist, and although there will always be haters, there’s one thing that is absolutely certain: she enjoys what she does.