By Ignacio Mardones
May 25, 2024

I still can’t get over Donald Trump’s silhouette on #13.

Most pictures are taken once the people wanting to be portrayed are posing for the camera, or when the lens has identified he perfect angle, but none of this can’t stop the fact that, sometimes, the result can be so confusing it needs to be carefully observed multiple times until you’re completely sure your eyes aren’t tricking you. These 15 funny pictures surely will make you use your imagination.

Let’s start!

1. This pictures looks really well until you notice the jealous dog’s face because her human is snuggling the other.

Ekaterina Poleshchuk

2. You’d think this was a simple girl with a hair bun, but there was an actual person behind her.

Ratedfreak / reddit

3. Mmm, I have doubts about what happened here.


4. No, it’s not a painting. It’s actually a mirror.

Endless_Vanity / reddit

5. Breathing under water? No, it’s a pool with a mirror on the floor.

watcher_of_the_skies / reddit

6. An infinite set of stairs made out of staples.

GallowBoob / reddit

7.  For a moment, I thought he was about to throw that baby.

kynlais / reddit

8. Geography looks like a dog and a cat at the same time.

Dstone66 / reddit

9. This park looks like a green ball. Literally.

suunsbro / reddit

10. Someone looked possessed thanks to wearing white eyeshadow.

GallowBoob / reddit

11.  An ironing board that looks like a cute slug.

@__ neizvesten __ / twitter

12. Please, don’t do this at home.


ArthurJMunoz / reddit

13. Am I the only one who’s seeing Donald Trump here?

farllen / reddit

14. A perspective problem.

Actually, the dog jumped far ahead of the girls.

jstrydor / reddit

15. For a moment, I thought it was floating.

luckycharm7 / reddit

Have you ever taken a confusing picture like these?