By Upsocl
October 8, 2021

Despite initial rejection from her parents, Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon married Kevin and they plan to move in together. “He’s my soulmate and that is something worth fighting for,” she said.

They say there is “no age limit for love.” However, there are not always people who accept some relationships when those involved have very big age differences. And some of the first to object in certain romances are parents

That’s the case of a 19-year-old military police officer, Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon, who fell in love with a 61-year-old man named Kevin, whom she met through a dating app, Daily Mail reported.

Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon

The two noticed that they got along very well, despite their 42-year age difference. That escalated quickly, and in 2020, they began their relationship, which was strongly resisted by the young woman’s parents, who were adamantly opposed

Her parents’ rejection of Kevin was so great that, as the young woman recounted, they called the police when they learned that she had started a relationship with him, so that he could be arrested.

Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon

After chatting for a few months online and saying I love you to each other for the first time, the two met in person in July 2020, and after that, this love story kept going, despite Audrey’s parents’ dislike of Kevin.

“What makes our relationship so great and perfect for us is our ever-growing love for each other,” said Kevin, who had a previous marriage from which two children were born, a 16-year-old and a 23-year-old.

Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon

Audrey initially hid Kevin from her family and had only introduced him to her friends, but according to her, she couldn’t “handle the stress” of the secret. When the episode with the police occurred, the young woman felt “scared,” but as the months passed that fear faded.

“Kevin was ready to stand up for what he believed in, and now, after meeting him, my family likes him more,”explained the military woman.

Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon

So far, she said, they haven’t received comments from strangers on the street, “but we have gotten looks.” Still, they don’t care what other people might think. In fact, they got married this year and are now planning to have a baby.

The two still live apart since Audrey’s work has required her to travel a lot. However, next year they will move in together. “We try to focus on what we are fighting for. We talk about the future we can have together when our time apart is no longer,” Audrey said.

Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon

When Kevin is able to retire, it will be the perfect time to think about home ownership, the young officer explained. “Sometimes we get so happy we start to cry (…) He is my soulmate and that is something worth fighting for. Love is endless and indescribable,” she finished.