By Upsocl
February 17, 2023

Despite being labeled as “inappropriate”, Francesca Romana shows off her spectacular 67-year-old figure in skimpy clothes.

No one can dazzle like Francesca Romana Rivelli, better known as Ornella Muti, who has a very toned body and one worthy of a model at 67 years old. However, that’s not for us to say, that’s really how she showed off in the latest video shared by her daughter.

Naike Rivelli, the Italian actress’ daughter, posted the video on her Instagram account where Ornella looks au naturel showing off in a gray and dark tone lingerie.


In the sequence, the 67-year-old can be seen wearing lingerie while putting on her makeup in the living room of her home. However, beyond her face or the makeup she sported, the world was stunned by her toned body for her age.

“I caught my mom in lingerie putting on makeup,” the young girl says in the recording as she showed off her mom au naturel.

Instagram @naikerivelli

Later, they both shared a message regarding body shaming, where one is shamed for how their body looks.

 “Mom, what do you think about body shaming? Mom answers: “What do I care! This is me, those who love me like me this way!” Well done, mom! That’s the spirit. You can’t please everyone! The important thing is to like yourself,” wrote Naike Rivelli.

The woman, considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Italian cinema, stunned her followers and taught everyone a lesson by showing herself just as she is, despite the fact that many of them tell her on a daily basis that her appearance isn’t fit for someone who’s a “grandmother”.