By Natalia Avayu
May 27, 2024

Seriously, how can you ruin a brownie so much?

There are two types of people: those who are careful and obsessed with geometry and order, and those who have no notion of what common sense is. In this article, we’re going to show you 8 situations that were aesthetical achievements and 8 that, seriously, we don’t know how they happened. Some deserve a prize and others… a consolation hug.

You’ll be surprised!

1. A Mission Impossible bathroom.

Seriously, who’s going to sit here?

anavic.maria / Via

2. This chef deserves a prize

It’s perfect!

Hivloger / Via

3. That moment when you completely wreck your work.

Where’s the sense of aesthetics?

vinerz / Via

4. If you go to an hotel and see this, it’s probably 5 stars.

Amazing work!

-sUBzERoo- / Via

5. Someone really wanted to test everyone’s patience.

I don’t know about you, but if I see this I’ll get into a really bad mood.

C0R3YM4N / Via

6. Perfection made real.

It couldn’t look better.

Tiny_Fox / Via

7.  I don’t think I want to pee in here.

And neither do you, I guess.

8. That moment when the meat sauce falls in the most sublime way.

I bet it tastes better.

zafferous / Via

9. Another person who ruined everything.

They never took the correct measures.

TheWorstKorea / Via

10. A masterpiece.

There’s no doubt that there was a lot of patience involved here.

11. This is what I call having too much free time.

Or, having too many spare materials…

Gizman105 / Via

12. Perfect sausages.

Another way to save space.

420bit / Via

13. Worst architect in the world.

And they also need glasses…

BeefTeaser / Via

14. Simply perfect.

And the patience of a saint.

ExtraSoup / Via

15. This barman has the best handwriting in the world.

16. And finally, the biggest misfortune

A crime, a sin…a catastrophe.


Has it happened to you?