By Upsocl
septiembre 15, 2022

The little girl, of initials S.E., was playing in the yard in Kantar (Turkey) when she saw the reptile. It allegedly approached to bite her, so she reacted in the same way. When neighbors heard her, they called emergency services, and she was taken to a hospital from which she came out well.

If there’s one life lesson that should never be forgotten, it’s that we should never judge people. Many times, we allow ourselves to be fooled by appearances and we jump to hasty, erroneous and even unfair conclusions.

This is something that can happen with children who, although are usually sweet and innocent, can show the courage of an action movie star. Such is the case of a little girl in Turkey who faced a snake.


Being only 2 years old, the little girl probably didn’t know the risks that a 50-centimeter-long reptile could bring with it, so she stayed close enough when she saw it in the garden of her house in the village of Kantar, Bingol (Turkey).

 As the girl, initials S.E., played in the backyard of her house, the snake approached her and bit her lower lip, according to Daily Mail.

Getty Images/RooM RF

After this, S.E. screamed and neighbors didn’t hesitate to go check on her. When they arrived in the yard, they found her with the animal trapped in her mouth and the bite mark on her lip.

It turns out that the girl was biting the snake after it attacked her, thus causing the reptile’s death. In response, neighbors rushed to give the infant first aid and called paramedics for emergency care.


She was taken to a hospital in Bingol where she was under observation for 24 hours, and fortunately she came out of the incident well and is recovering. Her father Mehmet Ercan was at work when the accident happened, so he was relieved when he learned that nothing more serious had happened. “Allah has protected her, really,” he said according to Daily Mail.

“Our neighbors have told me that the snake was in the hand of my child, she was playing with it and then it bit her. Then she has bitten the snake back as a reaction,” Mehmet commented according to the media outlet. This is an unusual event that, fortunately, didn’t end in misfortune for the family.