By Upsocl
December 9, 2022

“People in their 50s should act like they are 50, not 16,” is what Xiao MiMi put in her TikTok video to represent what many believe, but she responded very confidently “Can I still act like a teenager?”.

During adolescence, we tend to have the energy that we lack when we’re older, as well as the self-esteem and confidence.

Aging is inevitable for everyone, and although many try to invest in cosmetic surgeries and other similar methods to feel young, the key is in your attitude. Instead of getting depressed about turning another year older, some choose to look on the bright side, feeling free and joyful like they did when they were teenagers.

TikTok: meimeilan50

A woman, identified as Xiao MiMi on TikTok, is a vivid example of this, who at 53 years old feels as full of life as a teenager.

She’s proud of this and shared it on the social media platform. Through a video, the woman showed how she looks in a bikini to demonstrate that age doesn’t define anyone.

TikTok: meimeilan50

“People in their 50s should act like they are 50, not 16,” reads the text of the video, where Xiao can be seen getting out of a swimming pool wearing a red bikini. She then covers her face with her hands to dry it and ends by raising her arms with a huge smile.

“Can I still behave like a teenager? I’m 53,” she wrote in the post’s description.

TikTok: meimeilan50

The post has accumulated 2.6 million views on the app, where she’s received praise from several users for her self-confidence. The beauty of our 50s is that we don’t have to care what you think! Be yourself and have fun!” someone wrote on the post, while others said, “Getting older is mandatory, but growing up is optional” and “You’re acting perfectly, darling.”

Watch the moment below.

After this video, Xiao shared another one where she appears wearing the same bikini, proudly showing off her figure, which she has maintained with the help of some exercise routines, as seen on her profile. She even wears a swimsuit in her TikTok account photo, so you can see that age isn’t an impediment for her.