By José Pablo Harz
May 25, 2024

After being burned by the fires in Australia, he asked another young creature for help, a human one. The little ones make sure to support one another.

The unprecedented catastrophe in Australia has generated a wave of images that are truly impacting, touching, and above all, concerning.

Getty Images

This is because these forest fires have claimed at least 17 lives, spreading through six states (which have intermittently closed their highways). For the inhabitants of many cities, reaching a total of 5.2 million people, both the smoke and color caused by the flames have become a daily common scenario.


It is beyond saddening and heart wrenching to hear about the people who have been evacuated in poor health conditions, about the children who cannot go out to play and join their friends on their vacation, or simply, about the most direct and serious victims, like those who have deceased.

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As if that weren’t enough, this tragedy causes grief and concern in several other ways as well. There is talk that over 500 million animals have died, while there are many who remain alive but face suffering and pain on a daily basis. There is also a tremendous amount of wildlife that is currently facing hunger and dehydration as these flames consume and destroy their habitats.

Among the non-fatal animal victims, there are those who, despite having survived in the moment, had to be sacrificed due to the severity of their burns, which would not allow their recovery.


Currently, one of the most well-known victims is a small kangaroo who starred in a touching interaction in New South Wales. After being burnt in the fires, he went on a grief-stricken search for help. That’s how he ran into another young creature, a human child.


The boy greeted him by “shaking hands” and soaking him in a shower with his water jug to counteract the heat of the burns.


An image and a scene which, within all the tragedy and grief, gives hope and little light to the situation, demonstrating how little ones can approach, love and take care of themselves without discrimination.