By Upsocl
January 13, 2023

“When you accept a job, you accept a schedule, and that schedule can’t affect customer service,” the woman said, hoping to receive support from Facebook users. Contrary to what she thought, she received a lot of criticism for her “lack of judgment” in arriving so late.

The treatment between customers and shop assistants is a topic that often leads to controversy and endless debates. Shoppers who complain of poor treatment by shop assistants and workers who complain of being mistreated by them and who, at the same time, have to struggle with wages that may not justify their work.

A woman in Veracruz, Mexico, went viral after complaining in a Facebook post that she wasn’t treated as she thought she should’ve been at a ‘Bola de Oro’ coffee shop in Cuauhtémoc, after employees refused to serve her after arriving 15 minutes before closing time.

Through social media, Wendolyne Morales denounced the actions of the employees of this cafeteria, tagging the official account of the company, hoping that somehow a reaction and reprimand would be generated towards its employees. However, contrary to what she wanted, she got a backlash from internet users who expressed their solidarity with the attendants.

“If one day in my business they tell you that there is no more service, I would like you to report it to me,” the woman commented in her post, referring to her enterprise, which she would later show in a different publication mocking the establishment’s workers.

Facebook: Wendolyne Morales

In the post, she explains that she arrived “at 9:45 pm” at the establishment waiting to be served, assuring that the hours “on the door and online say until 10 pm”. However, she commented that the employee told her that at that time the workers were already on their way out and that it was her “turn to be understanding”.

When you accept a job, you accept a schedule, and that schedule can’t affect customer service or opening hours,” she said, adding that four other people were unable to be served. “I’d like to share to see if I can find the people in charge and let them know about this situation,” she concluded.

Facebook: Wendolyne Morales


The post accumulated more than 40,000 reactions and more than 10,000 comments, practically all of them against her position. “The lady thought we’d think like her. Everything is a process in working hours. Calm down, lady,” commented one user. “Shut up, lady, they don’t pay extra for working more,” said another. “You don’t want to arrive a minute before closing time either. Have a little empathy, my friend,” wrote a third.