By Upsocl
August 26, 2020

He’s 78 years old and lives alone. His neighbors gave him back his joy and dignity.

His case is no exception. Unfortunately, this is something that happens more often than we’d like. Many elderly people around the world live in terrible conditions. Fortunately for Mr. Roberto, his neighbors changed his life. They brought back his happiness and his smile.

His home was in bad condition. He lived alone and didn’t even have electricity or hot water. One day he opened the door without knowing that everything would change. On his front step were friends from the neighborhood who’d “adopted” him to renovate his house and change his life

This was the first time they visited him:

His name is Roberto and he’s 78 years old. He lives alone in a neighborhood of Sao Paulo (Brazil) without electricity, a proper bathroom, furniture or a bed. He’s gone years sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa, far from the comfort and convenience he should enjoy.

“The situation he’s living in is very sad, but thanks to the solidarity of a group of neighbors, we’re joining them to renovate his house and change this history. Mr. Roberto is a sweet person and is only accepting help now because of his fear of the coronavirus. Ever since we’ve started, we’ve taken turns preparing his lunch and dinner and we always bring it to him hot and with lots of affection.”

They wrote from the de Razões Para Acreditar Instagram account.

Instagram Razões Para Acreditar

His home looked abandoned, as noted by Razões Para Acreditar. Neither the shower nor the toilet were working properly. In fact, he had to take a bath with cold water in the middle of winter.

He didn’t have any furniture either, other than an old sofa where he slept. The floor tiles were broken and loose.

Instagram Razões Para Acreditar

However, solidarity and love will always find a way to win. When the neighbors of the area found out about his case, they decided to help out, and a group of people came together to assist him.

They raised money and made many donations, all of which went directly to Roberto and his home. The transformation is impressive.

Instagram Razões Para Acreditar

His smile fills our hearts!

They transformed his house into a cozy home.

What these kids and his neighbors did is admirable. They brought joy and life back to Mr. Roberto.

Instagram Razões Para Acreditar

The bathroom, which used to be worse than one you’d find in a club, now looks fantastic and is in perfect condition for an elderly man.

Instagram Razões Para Acreditar

They did the same with his kitchen, where they spent a large part of the donations on appliances ranging from refrigerator to a microwave oven. Without a doubt, he deserves it.

Instagram Razões Para Acreditar

They gave him a small modern TV, as well as a comfortable and very beautiful sofa. He now has a relaxing living room, where he’ll spend his evenings no longer cold.

Instagram Razões Para Acreditar

This happens when we all do our part to perform good deeds that go beyond money; it’s about being kind and supportive with what we have at hand. 

What happened to Roberto is the result of teamwork and good intentions.