By Ignacio Mardones
June 25, 2024

The way the light passes through the bird’s body, creating unique colors and contrasting its silhouette’s shadow, are simply gifts of nature.

The animal kingdom, immersed in the world of nature, can offer us simply wonderful scenes and landscapes. Living beings are surprising creations of subliminal wisdom. We can find beautiful moments, unique and unknown, which become more wonderful when they inspire us to believe that we still have a lot to learn about our Earth.

Photographer Christian Spencer managed to capture that natural charm. A Brazilian resident, he’s permanently in contact with nature. This time, he surprised everyone with images of a “hummingbird rainbow,” in which light pierced the animal’s body to form extraordinary colors.

Christian Spencer

The Australian artist has been living in Brazil’s Itatiaia National Park for 19 years. The enveloping nature has inspired him on multiple occasions, leading him to share its particular beauty through his photos.

One of his great captures has been the way light passes through the small body of one of these birds. He shares his love for this phenomenon, for which he was awarded in 2011, with the world through photographs and videos.

Here’s a trailer of his work, which reflects the relationship of time and nature, with a focus on the hummingbird.

His photographs leave everyone speechless, as they’re a display of magic that is worthy of admiration. Here are some of them.

Christian Spencer

Each of Spencer’s works of art is tremendously celebrated and also awarded. They’re all available on his website, as well as on his Instagram account.

Christian Spencer

The hummingbird’s particular body, its colors and the buzz of its unstoppable wings, are reflected in each of the photographer’s images.

Christian Spencer

The hummingbird dance frozen in time is very beautiful. It results in photographs worthy of appreciation, as well as his short film. There’s nothing left to do but to give him a standing ovation.

This phenomenon makes us wonder what else we don’t know about our world. The earth, nature and the animal kingdom hide great mysteries and amazing questions, we just have to discover them.