By Ignacio Mardones
May 28, 2024

You don’t always need to talk to show how grateful you are ❤

2019 has been a regretful year when it comes to preserving nature. First, there were multiple fires in the Amazon rainforest which ended up hurting the entire planet, then came Australia, where hundreds of koalas died when the flames burnt more than 400.000 acres of land near Sydney.

We’ve heard about a lot of these tragedies, but there have been heroes too. For example, a woman went into the fire and risked her life to rescue a baby koala, and the firemen who worked tirelessly to stop the impact of the fire.


Regarding this subject, in the last couple of days, a video about a man who rescued a baby bear in the middle of a forest fire has gone viral on twitter. After the unidentified man saved the small animal, the cub couldn’t hide how grateful he was and the moment was captured on this touching video:

The video was shared by an influencer called IFS Susanta Nanda. Not much is known about the place where this beautiful moment was recorded, but the video sends a powerful message.


Wildlife preservation and the efforts to keep it away from harm will always be necessary. These animals are so wonderful, we can see how the small bears wants to play and thank the man who saved him. We hope better measures are taken when it comes to preventing fires, so no animal ever dies again because of humankind’s irresponsibility.