By Upsocl
September 28, 2022

The boy had to be woken up by a passing street musician because the cemetery was about to close.

For anyone, losing a close loved one can be a very painful and sad thing, a scar that may never disappear again in life. That’s why some people dedicate some days of the month or of the year to visit their departed relatives in the cemetery.

Everyone has their own traditions. There are those who go and buy them flowers while others decide to spend a couple of hours in front of the tombstones during the day.

TikTok @flamss_1

Recently, there was a story of a boy who also had his personal way to share with his mother, who passed away a couple of years ago. The boy was captured visiting his mother’s grave, to whom he left flowers and also showed her his homework.

According to information from Debate, the video was posted on a TikTok account belonging to a user named Flavia. In it, you can see how the boy arrived at his mother’s grave and took some sheets out of his backpack which appeared to be his homework.

TikTok @flamss_1

In addition, the boy left a bouquet of flowers right in front of her grave, said a couple of prayers, and caressed the engraved letters that read her name and date of death.

One of the most touching moments in the video happened when the little boy, after praying, lay down in front of the grave and used his backpack as a pillow. After a few minutes, he fell fast asleep. 

TikTok @flamss_1

While the boy was resting, a man passed by with a guitar in his hands and had to wake him up to tell him that he should leave the cemetery because they were about to close.

The boy got up, gathered his things, and gave his mother’s grave one last hug before leaving. It’s a hug that seemed to be a “see you later“.